Saturday, 1 May 2010


I haven't got many as last year I had a clear out, but here's what's left!
Earrings holders from eBay, 2 for £1..something

(Left to right, top to bottom) Turquoise flower drop earrings - Accessorize, Anchor studs - Accessorize, Gold and blue long floral earrings - Accessorize, Silver butterfly dangle earrings - Claires, Silver flower drop earrings - Avon, Silver pearl drop earrings - Accessorize, Dragonfly drop earrings - Avon, Butterfly oval drop earrings - Avon.

Silver 'L' studs - Accessorize, Antique chandelier earrings with green beads - Present from a holiday, Diamanté flower earrings - Newlook, Pink and green bead dangle earrings (near the bottom) - Handmade gifts, Pearl stud earrings - Primark.

Teal tear drop earrings - Present, Teal shell star earrings - Present from holiday.

The earring holders are quite small so I am going to fill a glass with glitter/beads and then place my earrings around the top of the rim. I've seen this done on a few blogs and it looks really pretty. The studs can then stay on my current holders.


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