Sunday, 23 May 2010

Dress and update :)

I bought this top from Primark (£5) but realised when I got home it was two sizes too big. I was going to return it but I think it looks nice as a dress and is long enough to be one (Elasticated at the top so still fits). I've also seen a few girls wearing this as a dress and it looks nice so I think it can be worn either way, whatever takes your fancy.

I had to include this! Looks delicious right? It's rocky road cheesecake from Tesco *drools*

I also went to Matalan today, saw a nice bikini, tried it on and the top was too small (My bust is growing woop!) so went back for a size 10 and guess what, there was not one in sight. I was fuming as this seems to be happening a lot. But I'm going back during the week and I've also spotted another I like so I'm going to get both :) I'll show you them, if they have my size!

Matalan also have some amazing jewellery I've been eyeing up!

I've been looking for some heels for a wedding I'm going to in June for ages now but can't find any I like. I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to wear dolly shoes. They won't look as nice but..
1. These will still look cute
2. I've found many pairs which go with my dress
3. They will be more comfortable which is definitely a bonus as I'm at this wedding all day
4. I can wear them again
5. Less expensive
6. Being less money, I can spend more on clothes!

Ok so I've just been at a BBQ (up the road) and have come down to do some revision because one exam is this Thursday and the rest are two weeks away. Blogger has distracted me a bit but is sooo much better than revision. I really should do some though because I've only done a bit and feel like I'm going to fail :/

Ooooh and isn't the weather nice?! When I broke up for Easter it was hot and sunny and now I've broke up for study leave it's nice and sunny.
This is kinda bad because everyone goes beach and has BBQ's which distracts me from revision.

Anyway, toodles my little cupcakes!



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