Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Two New Additions

Strawberry Ice cream 309 and Pure Turquoise 295
(Cute background is a folder from Tesco's, because I know your all interested ;P)

On offer 2 for £5 (£2.95 each when offer does not apply)

I wanted Baby Pink but unfortunately my Superdrug have none at the moment so I opted for Strawberry Ice cream. From initial swatches, Strawberry Ice cream is slightly more sheer than the other Barry M nail paints I have. The other ones in my collection only need 1-2 coats whereas this one needs 3. The colour is the ultimate little girl pink in my opinion.
Might pick up some more tomorrow... hehe


  1. I'm so excited to hear these are back on offer, I love stocking up when they're cheap!! I got Strawberry Ice Cream in a blog contest I won... I love it x

  2. love both of these shades- Strawberry Icecream looks fantabulous :) you should do a NOTD with them xoxo

  3. I have the strawberry icecream nail polish and am wearing it right now! I love it! I suggest the berry ice cream polish which in my opinion is the prettiest out of the ice cream range xx

  4. I really want strawberry ice cream, I have the purple from that range and I love it! XO

  5. Love the strawberry ice cream :) xx


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