Monday, 17 May 2010

Small Shop

Thortons: Chocolate blocks (For a friend) 3 for £5, Boots: Natural Collection: Lash Length Mascara, Cool Translucent Loose Powder and Blush in Peach Melba 3 for £5, Natural Collection Body Scrubs £2.99 each, Natural Collection Body Sprays £1.99 each.

At the moment, if you spend over £5 on the Natural Collection body range in Boots, you get 250 points on your advantage card. I now have £8 on it woo!
I also got a £5 off No7/Millie & Ruby voucher :)
+ I bought a chew rope for my dog from the pound store aha. These keep my dog happy and entertained for ages. The last one lasted around 5 months and in actual fact, it's still in the garden.
Sometimes I love it, sometimes I can not stand it. Today was a 'can not stand it' day. There were four different pairs of shoes I really liked and there were no 7's left for any! This was extremely annoying because I am in desperate need for some shoes as I am currently wearing one pair day in, day out. I have boots but it's too hot for them.
I also bought a really nice top for £5, the coat hanger saying it was a size 8. Got home and it was in actual fact a size 12. Now this was my fault as I should of checked but I'm still annoyed about it.
Next week I shall be buying some shoes for the wedding (Found some from Newlook, black rock chick like with studs. I think these will have a nice contrast against my pastel blue ruffle dress), loads of pairs of dolly shoes, pumps, summer clothes and Republic jeans :)
The shoes from Newlook. Look soooo much better in real life. I'll probably change my mind by next week aha.


  1. Omg the same happened to me once in Primark, the hanger said size 8 and it was actually size 12, I was so gutted :( x

  2. great haul :) Ill have to get some of those natiural collection goodies ! & can't beleive how long those toys last with your dog, Mine recks them within minutes!! also i feel yoiur frustration with primark! I love primark but at times i really hate it too! x

  3. I can never find 7's in Primark either, its soo annoying! hehe, and i love natural collection, so cheap but good! :) xx

  4. Those heels look lovely! Ive got size 7 feet and it is sometimes a nightmare to find shoes that fit! They also seem to be too small or too big! xxx


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