Sunday, 23 May 2010

I need your help!

I need shoes to go with this dress! and to help me decide, I'm going to do a pros and cons on two types of shoes. (& ask for your help!) Dolly shoes vs. Heels.

White lace dolly shoes. Newlook £14.

1. Cheaper than heels = more money for clothes!
2. A lot more comfortable and this is important because I'm going to be at this wedding all day
3. They look cute and girly
4. Will wear again
5. Have found many pairs to go with my dress

1. Don't look as nice as heels
Newlook £30.

Caged Lace Up Heel
Newlook, Down to £15 (Money is obviously not an issue here, but I'm not sure if I like them)

Bow Trim Platform
Newlook £30.

(Chosen shoes from Newlook because they are in my price range)

1. Look gorgeous!
2. ^ That's the only reason I need :P

1. Expensive (Top of my budget. I'm not spending over £30 on shoes I will hardly wear.. which brings me on to the next point)
2. Will rarely wear them; only when I go out to a party
3. Might hurt my feet if I'm in them allll day
4. (Heels in general) Haven't found many pairs I like

So yes, we can clearly see which has more pros, but the one pro for heels outweighs most :P I'm not sure. I'm sure most of you will say heels but I haven't got money to waste on a pair of shoes which I will wear.. once a month maybe?

Aaah I'm in two minds!
What do you think?
Oh and are Primark selling any nice heels recently?


  1. You could try wedges.. more comfortable than heels and you'd wear them more casually but could still look dressy- so better value for money technically?!
    Otherwise, i'd go for the dollys. You want to enjoy the day not worry about your feet hurting! And they're cute :)

  2. Yeah you could try primark for heels! There a bargain, but I hate wearing heels all day my feet kill me and I always wish I wore flats! But nothing can beat a pair of heels in the looks state but flats look just as good paired with a good dress! :) XO

  3. Ohh i love the last ones and the flats! So pretty :) xx

  4. It depends what the occasion is, if you're just buying them for a relaxing day then get dollys. I do like the gold shoes but I don't think they will go with the dress. If you do get heels you can always wear them again for another outing. Hope I helped:)


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