Saturday, 1 May 2010

Aussie - 3 minute miracle reconstructor deep conditioner, miracle hair insurance leave-in conditioner and heat protection leave-in spray reviews

THESE SMELL AMAZING! I cannot stop smelling my hair! To me the products smell like apricot yoghurt/sherbet.
I bought these when on offer 2 for £5 and also Superdrug are selling them for around £3 each so the price wasn't a problem for me. I've just looked on the Boots website and each product is £3.59-£4.59 so I would definitely recommend buying these from Superdrug.

"Our unique formula, with Safflower Seed Oil, helps mend split ends and roughened cuticles. It helps transform dry, damaged hair into manageable and shiny locks in just 3 minutes."

Great conditioner and I have noticed my hair feeling and looking healthier. If the price is a little too expensive for you, try Superdrug's or Boots' own brand deep conditioners for a few pounds as they also do a great job.

"Our Aussie formula, with a drop of Australian jojoba seed oil, helps detangle and protect, smells lush, is a must for the beach, makes styling easier, and... sorry were rambling now, it's just we think it's really great stuff."

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Ok so normally, my hair is very soft as I use a deep conditioner every day and a leave-in conditioner at night. When trying a new conditioning product, it doesn't do much for my hair as it is already as soft as it can be. Well this product has took my hair to a whole new conditioned level! It leaves my hair unbelievably soft and my hands literally fall through my hair. Before this I was using Boots' own brand leave-in conditioning sprays and although great, they do not compare to this. This product is a little more expensive (£1-£2 more) than the Boots' leave-in conditioners BUT you get double the amount of product (Boots' are only 125ml) and it is so much more conditioning.

"Our styling formula, with Australian jojoba seed oil, is a double whammy in a bottle. Not only does it help you get that mirror smooth style, it helps guard your hair from the heat-styling implements you use to create it. Leaving hair soft and beautifully controlled. How neat is that?"

It is hard to review a heat protection product as you don't know whether it is actually protecting. It does feel like other heat protecting products when in the hair and dries quick. It also leaves my hair manageable for styling and gives it a nice shine.

Overall, I really recommend Aussie products and cannot wait to try out the other products they have to offer. (I would re-purchase just for the smell :P)



  1. Wow i really really really want to try Aussie product, iv heard so much good stuff about them! :) xx

  2. I love the Aussie leave in conditioner. I kind of think it smells like bubblegum! I've tagged you on my blog :) xxx

  3. I've only ever tried the 3 minute miracle conditioner and loved it!


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