Saturday, 22 May 2010

Shower, exfoliate, moisturise.. door bell!

I still wasn't dressed so my parcel was placed in the hands of my father, which he then hid and thought he would play the 'cold, warm, warmer' game with me O_O so when I finally found it, I ran upstairs to try my items on :)
I bought both of these in Republic's sale for £5 each
The photos are cropped a fair bit because I had a towel on my head and my room was a mess :) oh and I'm so pale!

Originally £19.99. To me, this dress is just meh. I'll wear it to the beach over a bikini so I would of never paid £20 for it. First photo is of the dress normally, making me look larger than normal and the second is with a belt which I think looks slightly better.

Anddd the top, which was originally £19.99. It has a chain along the collar and light weight material. I quite like this :)


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