Tuesday, 25 May 2010

OOTD & Skipping!

I rarely do Outfit Of The Day posts because I don't have many clothes I think are worthy of one aha, but I'm going to try and do more, starting with the simplest outfit I could possibly wear:

I was just relaxing in the garden and doing a bit of revision.
Vest: Republic
Shorts: Random navy striped shorts from my PJ drawer :P

Ok soooo, I want to tone up a wee bit for summer (don't we all!). Because I've always been slim and never watched my weight, I've never exercised for that purpose (I've exercised for fun; running, swimming etc but for the last couple of years, zilch).
I don't want to do anything serious because I don't really need to so one option I am going to take up is skipping!

*whacks out the old skipping rope*
Taaa daaaa! and a snippet of my toes because their pretty ;)
Bought this about 10 years ago from school when we had a skipping day aha. Because it's not rope, but one of those 'speed' skipping ropes, it bloody hurts if you accidentally whip yourself or get in the way. Luckily for me I'm a pro so this never happens ;) ha yeah right.
Is it lame that I'm going to Google 'skipping rope tricks'? Maybe, but hopefully I can become really good and enter competitions! .. I'm only joking, or am I? :P.. Yes, yes I am joking.
Jessie modelling the skipping rope :D


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  1. I'm planning on doing daily outfits too. I've literally only just made a blog though. I hope you have a look:)
    I have always been relatively skinny/normal but I can tell I am getting bigger by the slightest probably as I'm getting older. Skipping sounds good, I love it! Haha, don't get hurt:) I might go buy a skipping rope, ha tricks sound good.



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