Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Charm Bracelet!

My dad put the charms on! Ok so, my nan used to collect charms for my mum when she was a wee lass *cough* I mean a young girl (wee lass was stuck in my head for some reason so I had to say it!), but never was able to attach the charms to the bracelet as it was 'chunky' and she didn't get round to taking it to the jewellers. My nan then kept the charms (I don't know why my mum didn't have them, they both probably forgot about them.) and yeaaaars later gave them to me. They stayed in their box for a while as we couldn't afford to get them put on to the bracelet but then I found another sterling silver charm bracelet to attach them to.

Clockwise starting at '12o'clock': Rocking horse, well, heart lock, fairy, book (the book opens to reveal a worm! 'bookworm' - it's so cute!), padington bear, heart lock from the old chain, fruit basket, padington bear, turtle and dog.
There are two padington bears because my nan bought my mum one back when she was collecting them and she got me another one last year. I guess she forgot that I already had that charm but it's pretty cool that their still making the same charms and that I have an old and a new one. The old one is much more detailed, maybe because they wasn't mass produced back then and took more care when creating them?
My nan also bought me the rocking horse and the turtle (That's why their 'shinier', because their the new ones) :)

I want to have the chain filled with charms!


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