Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Matalan Success?

Not really, but I'm not too fussed. They STILL didn't have the bikini's in O_o I'll just go to good old Primark or invest in one from Newlook. There were many things I liked, but nothing to make me go 'Ooooh I have to buy it!', so I saved my pennies like a good girl :D
I also bought my mum a cardigan to wear over her dress for the for upcoming wedding, because I'm such an amazing daughter you see :P

I did buy one thing though:

2 in 1 clutch and over the shoulder bag. It was £8 but it was so cute I had to buy it! This will go with so many things, casual or formal. Inside is bigger than what it looks like from the outside. It fits my phone in perfectly and has enough room for money, make-up etc.

I'm off to the Newlook website to buy some dolly shoes and pumps, maybe something extra too :P



  1. That is SO adorable! I was mad at New Look today.. went in for a denim jacket I saw on Monday and it was gone :-(

  2. That's really pretty!!
    If you want a bikini from New Look they have a 20% off voucher in their magazine that they have instore x

  3. Jo: I hate it when that happens! I get so mad with the shop, ranting to whoever I'm with how crap the store is to not have more in aha
    Me :) (Sorry I don't know your name!): Thankyou! Just spent some pennies on the Newlook website but hopefully the offer will still apply when I have more money x

  4. I'm going to primark soon, they better have some nice bikini's. I'll be having a nosey in other shops too. I can't wait I haven't been shopping for a while.
    Oh my, I love that bag it's really cute:)

  5. I saw a few nice bikinis in H&M the other day, didn't buy any though because I couldn't be bothered to try them on and I'm usually between 2 sizes


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