Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Blue and Green should never be seen

I don't understand why people say this because blue and green look good together. I always wear blue and green so if someone does think this statement is true, they must get reaaal annoyed with me.
There are some colours I would NEVER wear together and when I see someone wearing both, I cringe. The obvious ones being pink and red and I also don't like red and brown together. Some people also don't like clashing colours like blue with orange, purple with red etc but I personally like them together as their bright and stand out.
I've just rambled, sorry guys!

Here's an example of how gorgeous the two colours look together (In my opinion). This is my Ebay bracelet, similar to a Pandora but a lotttt cheaper. I've had many compliments on the beaut since wearing it (Even a teacher and a woman I've never spoken to before noticed it and said how pretty it was). The clasp says Pandora which is annoying because I'm not trying to make it look like a Pandora, just my own customised bracelet. I might buy another bracelet where the clasp is blank, then my bracelet can be a 'Louise' bracelet instead of a cheap rip-off aha.
And yes that is a frog bead! So cute! .. I ordered quite a few more of those as well hehe

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  1. I love this bracelet! Its gorgeous, I want one haha, & I think the colours go great together! XO


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