Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara

When I first started wearing make-up, the two brands I used were Miss Sporty and Natural Collection. I used to wear Natural Collection mascara all the time but as my 'income' increased, I started to look at other brands.
Recently, mascara has become my most used product and I didn't want to keep spending the amount of money I did on it (Wasn't a great deal, around £6 per tube, but still, I wanted something cheaper).
I love Natural Collection and use most of their products everyday (Bronzer, bronzing pearls and blushes are great!) so I thought I'd try one of their mascaras again. I didn't have any expectations because I really can not remember what I used to think about it (Probably nothing because I wasn't into make-up back then and really didn't care)
For £1.99, it didn't matter if it was pants.

Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara in Black. Left: no mascara, Right: one coat.

As you can see, there is a difference but your probably thinking it's not a huge amount. Well to me it is. When looking in the mirror I can see quite a big difference but then, you always notice the slightest things about yourself don't you?
This mascara does not clump my eyelashes together, not at all. And as for giving my lashes length? Well yes it does, but doesn't every mascara make a difference in the length?
This is a standard everyday mascara: lengthens and doesn't clump.
I am really impressed as it does the same as my Maybelline mascaras but it is under £2!
Plus, with the offer Natural Collection have all year round, you can buy three for £5. I'm going to try out their Curl and Waterproof mascaras as well to see if they are any good.
Love Natural Collection


  1. I love natural collection, but i usually prefer other brands for mascara, as i think they can do a better job, but i love their blushes! :) xx

  2. I'm a huge fan of Natural Collection - there are some real gems to be had there for the price! I like that mascara - looks very natural with a bit of length! Very pretty


  3. I'm a fan of Natural Collection but I've never thought to try their mascara, I thought it might be a bit rubbish. Not bad results though! Might try this next time xx

  4. I love finding great products cheap :)
    Natural collection is always a winner with me :)
    I have tagged you in one of my posts here:


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