Thursday, 13 May 2010

Barry M's Strawberry Icecream 309 Nail Paint

Fern suggested that I should do a NOTW post using this nail paint but I have recently cut my nails short (By cut I mean bit :P) so it wouldn't look all that good (I will when my nails get a wee bit longer). But I thought I'd show you 'swatches'. My index finger nail has three coats and the rest have one. As you can see it is quite sheer but whether it has one coat or three, the colour is gorgeous. I also think that one coat would be a great base for a pink toned french manicure :)


  1. I love Barry M nail paints, this colour is so pretty!


  2. This colour is gorgeous! :) Xx

  3. I'd never have thought of doing just one coat and using it as a base for a manicure but i think that would look really good!
    Thanks for the post :)


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