Friday, 15 April 2011

GOSH Trio Eye Shadows

Pink Sunset

Tropic Fever

Crystal Waters


These are the new shades of trio eye shadows GOSH have released. The colours certainly stand out! The pigmentation of these is good and as you can see, the colours are buildable. My favourite is Tropic Fever as the blue is beautiful and is the most pigmented out of all the shades. My next favourite is Crystal Waters, as I regularly wear blues and greens on my lower lash line. Then Pink Sunset and then Limelight. I think Pink Sunset will be hard to wear because reds and pinks usually make my eyes look sore.
This is just an introduction to the eye shadows. Hopefully I will be posting looks on how to wear each of the trios. This will also be useful for me to see how I can wear red and pink eye shadows.
These are priced at around £7 each.



  1. They're gorgeous! I esp love Crystal Waters, they're all so pigmented. I must take a look, I only have one Gosh quad and it's a neutral one, deffo need colour for the summer :)

  2. Those colours are so vibrant - I really like them :)

  3. These are gorgeous, Tropic Fever and Limelight are my faves! I've not tried any GOSH eyeshadows before! x


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