Thursday, 14 April 2011

BeautyUK 3D FX mascara

Ugly eye alert!

Price: £3.99

I'm really disappointed with this mascara. The formula is so dry. So dry that it looks like the mascara has been open for two months. You can see how dry the formula is in the second photo. Because of this, little product is transferred to my lashes and all it does is give them a black tint. It doesn't lengthen or give my lashes volume.



  1. Oh, how dissappointing! Beauty UK is sometimes a little unreliable... xxx

  2. ahh :/ ive heard good things about this mascara as well! But I cant say Ill be purchasing anything soon... I got a palette that smashed really easily.. was not dropped or anything: was in my bad :/ odd.

  3. You really can see how dry that mascara is. What a shame! x


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