Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Someday Summary - Tuesday

I haven't done one of these posts in a while! I really like writing them actually; they're like my diary :)

  • I'm not fond of my life and it's been like that for a while, but as of lately, I've been feeling really down and I'm not sure why. I hope I start to feel better soon or I'll need to go on the hunt for some happy pills!
  • My exams are about 2 months away. I was meant to start hardcore revision two weeks ago but I've done little since then. I feel like I've let myself down already and if this keeps happening, I'm going to fail my exams and not get into University. This could be the reason why I've been feeling so down actually.
  • I have a University open day in about two weeks which gives me a taster of the course I will be studying. Regular readers will know about my fear of meeting new people. Thankfully, I can bring someone with me for the first half and then by the second, I should be fine.
  • I'm having doubts about liking Uni. It just sounds so hard and I don't think I'll be able to manage the work.
  • Before I started writing this post, I pulled a muscle in my leg and now my cheeks hurt. When I'm in pain, I laugh (Defense thing. Some people do this because laughing apparently eases the pain). Can you imagine if I ever have children? I'll be laughing throughout the whole of my labor. My cheeks will kill!
  • I had a few pounds left in my Paypal account so yesterday I ordered China Glaze For Audrey. I've decided to only buy a polish if I haven't yet got a shade like it in my collection. I have nothing like For Audrey; a pale, muted turquoise. I bought it for £4.50-something from Enchanted Beauty Spot; a seller on eBay. Beauty Zone 2007 is another great seller for cheap China Glaze/OPI/Essie etc but they are a little more expensive (Only by about 20p though).



These are a god send in the Summer! I usually buy about 10 a time haha



  1. Maybe if you feel really down and have for a while you should talk to a Dr. Stress of A-levels, University etc. It might make you feel a lot better.

    Ohh I love Ice Pops. xxxx

  2. I know how you feel about the studying, I have really tried the past couple of weeks but I haven't been able to manage more than a few hours per day :o( My exams are in 10 days time though, urgh. Love the pic of the ice pops though, they always cheer me up! :o) x

  3. Mmmm tiptops I haven't had one for ages! Your right they are lush in the summer :)
    Hope you feel better soon X

  4. You could try St John's Wort, (unless you're on the contraceptive pill!) it's supposed to be a natural anti-depressant. I know exactly what you mean, I always have such good intentions with my revision and yet I always fall behind with it, and it gets me down too. The thing is with Uni, is you can always drop out if the work gets too much as there are always other options (I feel the same at times and worry my course won't be for me). :( Hope you feel better soon xxx

  5. Jessie is adorable! <3 Sorry to hear you've been feeling down too, I've been the same recently and I don't know why. Hope your exams and the open day all go well x

  6. I can so empathise with the whole 'i'm not fond of my life' thing, I hope you feel better soon (:<3


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