Saturday, 16 April 2011

St. Moriz!

I'm not too fussed with having a tan but if I do want some colour, I'd rather fake tan than get the real thing. This is because I'm impatient and I don't want to heighten my risk of cancer.
All I've ever used before this, is a gradual tanning moisturiser, so this was my first time fake tanning 'properly'. I am delighted to say, I am happy with the results! Even as a first timer, I found it ever so easy to do.
To me, this smells like shampoo/hairspray which isn't over whelming at all. To prepare for this, I exfoliated and moisturised, like you should prior to all tanning products. I then used plastic gloves to apply the mousse and made sure I rubbed it in well. I left it for 4-6 hours and then had a shower. The water was fairly clear.

The results:
My leg after using St. Moriz and my arm; the colour my legs used to be.

I am always paranoid with tanning products, thinking they have made me turn orange. I'm still not sure if I'm orange with this but it's better than other products I've tried.

You can buy this from the likes of Savers, TJ Hughes, Ebay, Amazon, Fragrance Direct and Cheap Smells (Probably a few other places too).
I was too lazy to go out so I ordered mine from Cheap Smells for £3.99 with free delivery. It's £2.99 from Fragrance Direct but P&P is £1.95.



  1. I like St Moriz but the last few times I've used it I've found it won't give me good colour! I'm not sure why.. I used it for about six months with no problems but I've found that it's less effective now. When it worked though it was brilliant! Best tan for such a low price :)

    :-) xo

  2. I rarely ever tan but I love this product so much. I'm deffo gonna be using it again this summer! x

  3. My cousin and auntie used some of this today, everyone seems to be talking about how good it is. I've never used fake tan before because I'm already fairly tanned and I always think people look orange. But from what I've seen from this product it doesn't turn you that orange at all. I suppose it depends on how much you put on.

  4. Ooh i've got some of this to use, thanks for the review, can't wait to try mine now x

  5. I use this ALL the time, it's fab. But i suggest applying it using a tanning mitt, rather than plastic gloves, as i found the gloves caused the product to 'catch' and not blend in to well. With a mitt it goes on soooo smoothly. I buy my St Moriz from Fragrance Direct, and i get it in dark, it's the best fake tan ever and i have tried them all in my time! xx

  6. I bought some of this and it sort of exploded in the bag before I got a chance to use it, I've heard good things though.

  7. I bought this quite a while ago but havent got round to using it yet the tan looks good not too much x

  8. ooooo what a bargain, will be giving this a try..thanks for sharing xx


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