Saturday, 30 April 2011

MyFace Cosmetics blusher in Paradisio Pink

Casing, product in indirect sunlight, product in direct sunlight.

Swatch, swatch blended out.

I recently won this blusher in a Twitter competition and was excited to receive it as I have never tried any products from this brand before.
What I absolutely love about this brand is that the products are categorised into groups; Fair, Medium and Medium/Dark. This makes it easy for you to choose a shade that will suit your skin tone.
Paradisio Pink is part of the Fair collection and is a bright, bubblegum pink. The colour is that of the indirect sunlight photos but I thought I would show you what the colour looks like in direct sunlight too.
I love the packaging; sturdy and sleek. The brush that comes with the compact (Which also contains a mirror) isn't very soft and I will rarely use it. That being said, most brushes that come with products aren't of great quality. I suppose it is ideal if you want to touch up your blush during the day though.
The formula of the blush is top quality. It is smooth, highly pigmented and blends well.
You can buy this for £9.99, which I must admit, is more expensive than the other blushers I buy, but it is just within my price range (I don't like to spend over £10 on a product!).
There are two other blusher shades in the fair range and they look equally as beautiful!
You can take a look at the website here.



  1. I wont the same one! Havent had time to try it out yet though (uni work) love the look of their website too!!

  2. wow pretty blushes. i was needing a new blush soon. :D


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