Monday, 11 April 2011


I'm sure most of you are aware of Rollasoles, but if you're not, Rollasoles are light-weight dolly shoes which roll up to fit in compact places; your handbag for example. After a night in heels, your feet are usually sore. These shoes help you get home in comfort.

Most of the designs are £6.95, with the exception of the Parisian design:

Which are £9.95.
They also come with a bag to carry your shoes in.

I love that these are compact and can save your feet from the dreaded journey home. I am not so keen on the Parisian design though and think that the plain black ones would go with a lot more outfits. That being said, if my feet were in pain, I wouldn't care what the design was.



  1. It's all good to have them in your bag taking up little space.. but when you change into them you either have to carry your other shoes or put them in your bag? I like the other designs though! :) xx

  2. I saw these in H&M the other day and me and my Mum couldn't get over what a fab idea these were!

    I wish i'd have known about them all those time's in the past when my feet were killing like you wouldn't imagine! x

  3. @Sophie - these come with a bespoke carry bag especially made to carry your heels that you've just taken off!

  4. Thats so cool, ahaha. Although thats true about having to carry your other shoes. xx

  5. They are a fab idea, apparently you can get them in vending machines in clubs, I'd end up buying them all the time I went out - genius! xx

  6. Such a cute pair of shoes. I think the design's quite pretty but I would probably find it difficult thinking of what to wear them with!x


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