Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Shoes and Doggies

I'm not a shoes kinda girl. Nor a handbag one. I buy shoes more for practicality, rather than making an outfit look better.

The shoes I recently bought:
These are from New Look and cost £9.99. I had some like this from Primark and really loved them but my toe made a hole in the fabric and was poking out for the world to see. Hopefully this won't happen with these because there is rubber across the toes! These are cross between dolly shoes and trainers, making them easy to wear with most outfits. They are khaki coloured but New Look also offer them in black, white and blue.

I have a photo of my old Jessie and Shadow, sitting above the steps and wanted to recreate this photo with the new Jessie and Shadow:
New Jessie (nearly 2 years old) and Shadow (13 years old).

Look at Shadow posing! haha
I'm glad I have photos of Shadow with both the old and new Jessie's.



  1. Aww, the name Shadow always reminds me of Homeward Bound! <3 Gorgeous dogs. :) x x

  2. Aw your dogs are sooo cute! And I'll admit I bought the Crazy Rumors Balm after seeing your review! x

  3. Cute shoes and such cute dogs! I love people's dog pics! xx

  4. I used to have some shoes like that in red, I really loved them but like all other shoes they hated my feet and gave me blisters (: May give these ones a go though! (:

  5. Aww I love your dogs, my two favourite breeds :D xxx

  6. Awww your dogs are sooo cute!! I love black labs :-) x x


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