Thursday, 21 October 2010

ASOS Paints #2

The first two colours I ordered (Lauren and Olivia- blue and orange.) arrived yesterday and I wrote a post on them here.

The other four I ordered arrived today (Also ordered 'Katy'- a bright red but it was out of stock so I have been refunded.)

Blake- Pink, Lily- Green, Megan- Purple and Gwen- Wine Red.

EDIT: More swatches:

I picked these up in the ASOS sale for just £1 a piece (Normally £6).
The formula is great; smooth, non streaky, great colour pay off :)
Look out for some nail posts, I cannot wait to use these!



  1. ahhh they are so gorgeous! and for a pound you just cant go wrong :) im especiially loving lily <33

  2. They look great, i got some of these shades in the sale too. What a bargain xx

  3. love the colours, especially the red.

  4. Such cute packaging. I love the Lily shade, might have to get that just because it's my name! x


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