Sunday, 24 October 2010

Someday Summary

These are getting a little repeated so next week I'll switch things up a bit... not sure how but I'll think of that when the time comes :P

A purchase from the week:
Nothing, but tomorrow I'm purchasing my trusty Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (Current one has lasted well over four months!) and a wash in wash out dye to brighten my locks.

This is something no one will care about but I bought a flask Friday so now I can take tea and soup to school! This is going to be a life saver as it's been so cold recently!

A high point from the week:
I got a conditional offer from Plymouth University. This is good... but I need the grades to get in and at the moment I'm not feeling confident about that.

A low point from the week:
I'm failing Psychology :( Keep getting E's so really need to revise LOADS or else I won't get into University.
Another low point is that this week I have 2 essays to write...
Oh and another (They keep on coming don't they!) is right in the middle of my January exams, I have a HUGE Media essay to write for my coursework and I also have to create a magazine. It's going to get in the way of revision... + I need to take photos in sunny weather and I doubt we'll get that in December/January.

We heart it time! I could only find a few I like:

Love the film UP!



  1. I LOVE UP :D
    and BEST OF LUCK with your revision :D

  2. Lauren: Oh yay! Congrats :) My others are Falmouth, Portsmouth and Brighton. I didn't choose a 5th because Bath and Bournemouth don't do my course :( Aw thanks, but I think ours is Edexcel :/ Where have you applied? x

  3. Oh that's a shame :( They sound like good choices, what grades do you need? I've applied to Bath Spa, Surrey, Kent and Royal Holloway also. Bit scared as the last three have all gone up to AAB in the last week! x

  4. Psychology :( The lowest I can find anywhere seems to be BBC! Most places are like AAA. Where are you gonna put as your first choice? z

  5. Lauren: It's between Plymouth and Falmouth.. I think I want Plymouth a little more though x


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