Thursday, 14 October 2010

Collection 2000's Sparkle Top Coat

I couldn't get a good quality photo of the bottle today but I will upload it right *here* when I get one :)
I love Collection 2000's nail care varnishes and even more so at just £2.49 each :)
You can wear this alone or over another colour and as the sparkle/shimmer particles are finely milled, it looks beautiful either way.

Here is three coats on my bare nails:

Bad quality but it shows you how it looks at certain angles.

Isn't it beautiful?
I'm not keen on glitter polishes as they can easily look tacky so this subtle sparkle is perfect.



  1. This looks lovely, I was on the look out for a subtle glitter polish so I may look into this one :)


  2. This looks so pretty!
    your nails are looking really good by the way :)

  3. Beautiful and subtle.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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