Sunday, 10 October 2010

Updated Nail Polish Collection

This is my third post on my nail polish collection but I thought I'd update you as in the past few months I've had a huge clear out (& a few more have been added :P)

Sorry about the sun/moon/stars duvet my nail polishes are on, I've had it since I was a child and sleep much better with this bedding haha.

I'm going to name them and link you to the posts where each polish is featured because you might want to see swatches (I haven't linked some because the photos aren't of good quality.)

The collection:

Barry M:
Coral 296, Pink Flamingo 305, Bright Pink 279, Limited Edition, Pure Turquoise 295, Mint Green 304, Boots Limited Edition 030, Strawberry Ice cream 309.

Boots 17 and Rimmel:
Ruby Dazzle, Fire Cracker, Catwalk Couture, True Blue, Royal Indigo, Pink Grapefruit and Rimmel's Rose Libertine.

Collection 2000, Miss Sporty and No7:
Sparkle Top Coat, BMX Bandit 32, Show Off 23, Electric Beige 251, Zodiac 203, Peachy 30, Clear 20, Damson Dream 105.

Loreal, Stargazer and George:
Deep Geranium 603, Neon Pink 104, Warior 45.

I thought I had a lot more NOTD/W posts! Looks like I'll have to feature quite a few of these in the upcoming months.
I haven't linked a few because the photos are bad quality, looking back I'm ashamed I even posted them! So I will retake the photos :)



  1. I like your BarryM collection x

  2. Love your collection; mine desperately needs a sort out!

  3. Some lovely colours there specially the barry m and 17 I love their colours I need more of their colours :)

  4. love the collection! The Barry M ones are all so pretty and it almost looks like you have a bit of a pastel theme going on :)

  5. your collection is great! you have loads of variety :D xxx

  6. i love all your barry m polishes! i was thinking about doing one of these the other day so I got all my polishes out.. it is not a pretty sight. ridiculous amount! haha xxx

  7. Great collection. I love the colours of the Barry M polishes that you have. x

  8. Great collection! Loving the Barry Ms! x

  9. Love your collection!

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