Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Busy Bee Candles Review

I love candles. I love the variety of shapes, sizes and scents they come in and the flames are so relaxing to watch.

Busy Bee Candles is a company that, if you haven't already guessed from the name, sells candles.

They offer a wide range of scents to suit everyone's needs and the ones I want to try are all of the fruity ones, Vanilla Dream, Shortbread, Fresh Coffee and Fresh Bread (Fresh Bread sounds amazing!)

One useful aspect to the website is the Fragrance Strength Rating. Each candle's scent strength is rated out of 10, with 10 being the strongest. I think this is a great idea as everyone prefers different strengths of fragrance.

Busy Bees also provide a large variety of sizes, from tea lights to jumbo, 2 wick candles.

The prices are very reasonable, with the most expensive candle (Jumbo, two wick) being £15.95. The jumbo candle burns for around 100-130 hours so you definitely get your moneys worth!

The packaging is simple, just what I like, with each candle in a glass jar.

Also, the candle is filled to the top, giving you as much product as possible.

The scent I got sent (haha!) was Baby Powder:
Baby Powder is Busy Bee's best selling fragranced candle and smells exactly like baby powder. Personally, I'm not keen on the smell because I like my fruit/sweet fragrances.

Because the scent is spot on to the name of the candle, I'm eager to try other scents available (Yes I'm thinking of Fresh Bread, Shortbread and Vanilla Dream!)

I think these candles will make great presents and I'm putting a few on my Christmas wish list!

Again, here is the website: Busy Bee Candles, go have a little look :)



  1. I love candles too. This one sounds great and the simple jar packaging is really nice. I'd love to smell the Fresh Bread one! x

  2. Candles rule! I love them when they are chocolate/cookie scented! YUMMM!!!

  3. yumm fresh bread I would be hungry all the time !!! great post !!

  4. Busy Bee Candles REALLY do offer some of the best scented candles available in the UK at the moment! They beat Yankee candles any day! Loved the review and couldn't be more true!


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