Saturday, 30 October 2010

Sleek's 50% Sale! What will you be getting?

Just a quick post to inform those of you who don't already know that Sleek will be having a 50% off sale Thursday 11th November. This means Blushes will be £1.99, Palettes £2.99, Lipsticks and Nail polishes £1something... I could go on and on.
I've already chosen what I'll be getting! Hopefully they won't be out of stock.
I want: 2 Blushes, Contour Kit, Ink Pot, Pout Polish and a Kajal. This will come to... £13!
I don't fancy any of the palettes unfortunately. I have the Original and I love it, has all the colours I need and I use them all. Plus a lot of palettes have repeated colours.

What will you be getting? Fingers crossed they won't be out of stock and the site won't crash! (Hopefully the sale starts after 4 because then I'll be home from school.)

Follow Sleek on Facebook as that's where they'll be giving us the code.



  1. thanx for mentioning it!
    i didn't know!
    im going to get back ups of their cream to powder foundation, kajals, and maybe some blushes!

  2. ohmygod. i have been meaning to get some sleek goodies. Thanks for this one :D, would you be able to post the code? I don't have facebook (i'm clearly not familiar with the 21st century.) xx

  3. Emzii: Of course I'll post it :) and I don't own any of their blushes but I like the look of Pixie Pink, Flamingo (Matte) Rose Gold and Pomegranate (Shimmer) x

  4. definitely going to buy palettes, blushes and polishes...I still can't believe we'll get 50% off *-*

  5. I bought lots of sleek stuff at half price last week (i work for s uperdrug and we have a half price superdrug week for the workers!) and I love everything I got expecially the blushes! XO

  6. I've been waiting for this offer for a while, and it's finally coming!

    I have no idea what I am going to order yet (currently I only own their Acid palette)... maybe some eyeliners, foundation, lipsticks and maybe a palette... I really need to cut back on buying all this make up, I hardly even use some of it


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