Wednesday, 20 October 2010

ASOS Paints

Who's tired of hearing about the ASOS sale yet? Not me!
The ASOS Paints were £1 down from £6! First of all I only ordered two because the other colours were out of stock, but then I checked back a few days later and they were back! So here are the first two I ordered and the other four should arrive in a few days :)

Lauren and Olivia.

Top to bottom: Lauren, Olivia, Barry M's Pure Turquoise.

The formulation is great; smooth, non streaky and great colour pay off with 1-2 coats. I've read that a couple people think the formulation is too thick? I think Barry M Nail Paints are thicker and I know a lot of people love the formulation of them!



  1. I have a few and I think they are quite nice, I have Paris, Kate, Victoria.

  2. I have Paris and Alexa, the colour on the nails was way darker than the colour in the bottle for me - Alexa looked black pretty much :(

  3. Ooh nice colours. I ordered 2 nails paints to, one was a Ciate one and one was Eyeko one. They should be with me by tommorow :) x

  4. Ohh im soooo glad you pursuaded me to order some of these!? Can't wait till mine arrive! Wish i'd ordered Olivia now though looks gorgeous oh well I think 5 is enough haha!!! xx

  5. These bottles are really pretty and remind me of Ciate's...anything with a bow and I'm sold!

    Kat x
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