Friday, 15 October 2010

Someday Summary

This week has gone fast! Was going to do this tomorrow but I'm busy and couldn't wait until Sunday! Friday is still the weekend :P

A purchase from the week:
7 ASOS nail paints- Most of the colours were re stocked and for a pound I couldn't resist! Colours I ordered were: Orange, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Red and Wine Red (Hopefully perfect for Winter.)
I also went to Asda earlier (I love going food shopping!) and got a travel mug (To keep your drinks hot) for £2! and a nice big box of chocolates for my friends birthday... £2.25! Crazy right? Oh and I bought some skin coloured tights and a tube of fake blood for Halloween :)

A high point from the week:
I won Onemorelipstick's MAC give away! I've chosen Shroom eye shadow and Angel lipstick :)

A low point from the week:
Hmmm I'm pretty happy at the moment so can't remember. I have bad skin though!

Weekend plans:
Saturday: Drinks around a friends and then were heading to an 18th birthday party!
Sunday: Recovering haha!

We heart it photos:



It's taking ages to find a fifth photo and my sister is getting annoyed because she wants to go on haha

Have a good weekend! :)


  1. I love the red hair in the second photo, really tempted to dye my hair that colour :) x

  2. haha, i saved the red-haired-girl picture from we heart it too :)) lovely color

  3. I love weheartit :). That girls tattoo is really nice too :):).
    Haha I love the little bit at the end about your sister :), sounds like your going to have a busy weekend - have fun!!.

  4. I cannot beleive how much I now want that tattoo haha :) xx


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