Monday, 25 October 2010

Superdrug Colour Effects Wash In, Wash Out Conditioning Colour in Rich Red

Superdrug Colour Effects Wash In, Wash Out Conditioning Colour in Rich Red 6:4
Price: 99p

'Colour Effects will add beautiful tones to your hair whilst leaving it in great condition and with a fantastic
shine. Rich red adds warm red tones to light brown to mid brown hair.'

Just to clarify, this is not a dye. It's a tint which will fade after a few washes.

You ready?

Looks scary doesn't it!

I applied this just like I would with a hair dye; wet hair and then comb the product through.
I used around half of the tube as I have really long, thick hair.
It says to leave on between 5 and 20 minutes. You will not get any results if you leave it on for 5 minutes so leave it on for the minimum of 20 minutes.

When rinsing the colour, the water goes bright orange which to most will seem scary and this phrase will run through your head: 'I don't want Ginger hair!'
I didn't have this worry because I already have Ginger hair haha.

Before and After:

My hair is actually darker than what it shows in the photos. My true hair colour is close to the shade at the bottom of the photos.

I really like it! It's brightened my locks and now I am closer to being a true redhead . This does only last a few washes but you can get a few applications out of one tube so it should last you longer. It also helps you decide whether the shade suits you and then you can think of going semi permanent or permanent.
This product is great if you want to 'add' to your hair colour for a party, wedding etc. + it's only 99p! You can get a couple to last a few weeks.

There are other colours including a couple blondes and brunettes.

Again, this does not colour your hair but brightens and adds tones (Of the colour you've chosen) to your hair.



  1. wow that's great for 99p!xx

  2. Your hair looks so shiny and the colour is fab! I used the Copper shade of this last year and it made a noticeable difference to my dark blonde hair - such a bargain for 99p! x

  3. That looks great, really enhances your natural colour! x

  4. that looks amazing! i am IN LOVE with your hair colour xoxo

  5. I'm delighted to hear about this product since I've been searching for a replacement of John Frieda's Radiant Red glaze which was discontinued! Thankyouplease!!!

  6. I saw this in the shop and was so close to buying it but wanted to make sure first. Will definitely get this now, thank you! P.S Your hair looks lovely :)


  7. that looks so awesome! do they sell it in dark brown? i wish they sold something like that in new zealand :)

  8. Hurricanes12: Yeah they do :) I think they do 2 blondes, copper, red and 2 browns x

  9. This looks lovely I'm definately going to pick one of these up! x

  10. This looks super pretty, my hair's got red tones to it so i might try this to try and make them stand out more :)


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