Monday, 25 October 2010

Today's purchases

I like reading posts like this because it shows you the bits and bobs available and on offer (Websites don't show a lot of products)
So I hope you like them too!

^ All from Superdrug
Superdrug shower gels 2 for £1.50
Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner £3.45 - My favourite leave in conditioner ever!
Colour Effects Wash In Wash Out Conditioning Colour (Rich Red) 99p - This brightens your hair and adds tones of whatever colour you have picked (In this case, red). This comes out within a few washes.
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer £3.99 - My favourite concealer, have just ran out after using it for months!

At the beginning of the store, where you pay, I saw Vaseline Rosy Lips in a stick (I'm assuming it's a new product because it said 'new'). I love Rosy Lips but hate tin lip balms so this will be great. Unfortunately I had no money left but my sister is going in town today and if she has any money spare she said she would pick one up for me :)



  1. I love the aussie leave in conditioner and I swear that my hair dries more quickly when I use it. I have no idea how but it's brilliant! xx

  2. i've been wanting to try olour Effects Wash In Wash Out Conditioning Colour (also in red, haha), but I've always ended buying other stuff instead. I'd really really like you to write a review on this. I'm so curious :P

  3. Birminghamlady: Of course I will! :) I've tried the brown one before but it didn't make much difference.. I think it was too close to my natural hair colour. Going to use it now :) x

  4. I got that leave in condition not too long ago and so far i love it :)
    great little haul x

  5. Oh wow those shower gels must smell yummy!

    I love "haul" posts, they are my favorite to read hehe!

  6. That's my favourite concealer too, can't it's so cheap but great quality!


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