Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Anddd another!

I've bought another Cactus! I have 7 now.. haha I'm not going to buy anymore for a while. Anywho, meet Herbert!
Some of you.. I mean most of you are probably thinking 'Oh my dear lord' :P

How cute is he?!
Cactus from local florist for 99p, Plant pot and dish around 30p each from Wilkinsons

Here he is with his friends (He's the one in the middle). Look how small he is compared to the rest! Dear of him.. also the older ceramic pots are going dirty/chalky so they need cleaning.

Ok that's enough of my Cacti collecting (For now :P) as I'm sure you couldn't care less. I have a lot of reviews coming up so watch out for them!


  1. JC: Who wouldn't be ;) haha
    Sophie: Cool is one word.. not the choice of most lol

  2. OMG, your collection of cactus are too cute. I need some plants in my house.

  3. aww they all look so cute!! nice little collection you have :) x


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