Thursday, 8 July 2010

Face of the day

Ew. This is the best picture I could get and I still look disgusting.

I'm not going anywhere today so I thought I would try out a red lippie! I'm also testing how long it lasts for an upcoming review. I wouldn't wear this out during the day but I would if I was going out for the night (With winged black eyeliner).

I'm wearing:
Bloom's Mineral Plus Lipstick in Ragtime
Bloom's Full and Flirty Waterproof Fake Lash Mascara (The photo's really don't do it justice, I just have small eyelashes!)



  1. I think that suits you a lot! Don't worry about your hair, what's wrong with it? I love red lipstick, but I would probably only wear it on a night too. I'm looking forward to seeing that review, it's quite a good idea. X

  2. I just shoved it back out of the way and I wouldn't normally wear it like that haha x

  3. Your hairbow looks so pretty. Red lipsticks suits you, lucky girl x

  4. You look fine! Good to see freckles! Plus you were brave to try the bright lippie - it will look nice for a night out! :) x

  5. YOu look gorgeous sweetie xx

  6. oh, come onnnn, disgusting?! you're a doll! on the other hand I think the same of the pictures I take of myself, so I also understand! But you are pretty!


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