Saturday, 3 July 2010

New addition to the family

One of my local florists are selling small cacti for 99p again! I've found that they only sell these a few months in the summer. They had all shapes and sizes but I thought I'd go for an Aloe Vera. The left picture is him all cramped in the pot he was sold in and the right picture is him in his new home! The ceramic pot is from Wilkinsons for around 30p. I'm going to go back to the florists in the next few days to pick up another couple of cacti's. I now have six, the other five being 2 years old :)



  1. haha i have a cactus, i dnt no wot type but its a little round one with bobbly eyes glued to it and i got it cus it remindin me of my little boy with his hair that stands on end, will post a pic of it on me blog x

  2. Oh please do! I don't get many comments on posts like these but I still post them because it's an interest of mine :)
    I have one (which is my favourite) that looks like it's got hair, it's like a yellow hairy ball haha x

  3. I had a cactus when i was about 5 and killed him :/
    I really want to go get one now though!
    (he looks ten times better in his new home :])

  4. I LOVE cacti's!! So easy to look after. Aloe Vera is a fave of mine.. my mum used to have two, one for show, and one in the bathroom for cuts/burns/spots etc... just snap off a bit and rub the natural gel in :)


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