Monday, 12 July 2010

Nails Of The Week - Rimmel's Rose Libertine 405

Rose Libertine 405

This is my first Rimmel nail polish! I really don't know why! I've been trying to cut back on the amount of nail polish I buy. I've wanted this colour for ages and I think it's absolutely beautiful. It's like a muted salmon pink :) I love the brush, rounded at the end. Certainly made painting my nails easier.
Packaging, formula and price (£3.49) all great, what more could you ask for?



  1. Oh that is a really nice colour, how much was it?

  2. Ooh I like. Been after a pretty rose colour. Keep wearing red but want something a bit softer.

  3. I really like that colour!
    I'm thinking of getting some more of rimmel's range - it sounds really good :)

  4. ooooh lovely colour :) very pretty x

  5. I LOVE this shade!! I am actually wearing it now! And I love the brush for this range too, my absolute fave :D

  6. That looks really pretty. I love how easy these polishes are to apply :) x


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