Friday, 9 July 2010


Accessorize has a sale on! Good thing- Cheaper prices (You can then buy more stuff :P), Bad thing- Women. That sounds sexist to my own sex haha but you understand right? Lets just stand there and not let people in! Oh and one woman decided to park her pram right infront of the sale items. Congratulations on having a baby! But move the hell outta my way please?

Aha anyway, I needed a new school bag so I got this hugeeeeee one! It also has a zip and compartments inside. This originally was £22 but was in the sale for £11!

Turquoise cuff bracelet £4.50 down from £9
Both of the other two were down to £5 from £10

Oh and I would like to thank Josh for waiting in this crowded little shop for what felt like a lifetime, cheers babes ;)

Boots: Nail varnish remover, £1.99 and Rimmel's Rose Libertine Nail Polish, £3.49 - I've wanted this colour for agesssss!
Superdrug: Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash by Neutrogena, £2.99 (£2.69 with Josh's student discount :D) - Smells just like pink grapefruit, yummy!

Haha good old Wilkinsons! You ready for this?

Left column top to bottom:
Skin Therapy Facial Wipes, 2 for 97p
Simple Exfoliating Body Wash and Simple Soothing Shower Cream, both 97p
Wide toothed comb, 59p - Better for when your hair is wet to prevent damage!

Middle column top to bottom:
Wine Gums (for a friend,) £3.94
Notebook, 85p - This paper is recycled and is really good quality!
Rulers lol I'm always loosing mine, 9p

Right column top to bottom:
Ceramic plant pot, 29p
Plant Saucers, 39p each
^Getting a few more cacti's at the weekend. I've already got 6 but I love them!
'Fling Ring' for my doggie, £1.75 - She loves it and sadly has already chewed through it after half an hour! I better not leave her alone with it from now on.

So that's it my lovelies. I still need a few summer clothes and stationary but that's for another day. I'm thinking of going Asda to get them both at one time. I can then have a little look at their jewellery too ;)



  1. Noooo!! I was going to go to Accessorize in my lunch break today, but decided against it! I love the beads and bag! :) x

  2. gorgeous haul! I love the accesorise goodies!! :)

    I can't wait to go spend all my ema bonous in the sales!

    My dog is exactly the same and just chews up any toy I buy him within seconds!! I have to laugh when It says "impossible for your dog to destroy" or something and then theres my dog making a huge mess eating the damn thing!!


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