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Bloom Cosmetics - Reviews

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the shoddy photos; my camera isn't focusing.

Gradual Face Tan

"Build a streak-free, golden tan at a controllable pace. Leaves skin feeling soft, sooth and nourished. Contains Shea Butter, Jojoba and Macadamia oils to provide long-lasting hydration. Scented with a special blend of Ylang Ylang, Geranium and May Chang essentials oils - so there is no tell-tale sign of fake tanning!

Gradual Tan Face SPF 15 is a light lotion that conditions and nourishes the delicate skin of the face whilst building a flawless looking tan."

I've never used a gradual tanner for my face and this is because a high percentage of these products make me go orange. Now I was not prepared to walk around with an orange face as I can not cover it if a disaster was to occur so I used it on my arm.

After three days it built up a light tan and I could definitely tell the difference between both arms. I couldn't get a picture so here is a drunken one of me from the other night, hiding from the camera:

You might not be able to see but the left arm (Your left) is the one with the gradual tan on. It was more noticable in real life and you have to take into account that this will not drastically make a difference as it's a product designed for your face.

There's one thing I really do not like about this product and that's the smell. I can normally take strong smells and they rarely bother me but all the essential oils are just too overpowering. This is with using the product on my arm, I would hate to use it around my nose.

Full and Flirty Waterproof Fake Lash Mascara

"Our Full & Flirty Waterproof Fake Lash Mascara won’t run, smudge or clump, creating high impact lashes for beautifully bold eyes.

Designed and developed in Italy this unique cutting edge formula contains 3-D Polymers which form tiny water-resistant tubes around lashes for a fake lash impact and a glossy finish. Vitamin E and Jojoba oil add nourishing protection glides on easily, separating and defining lashes for maximum volume and dramatic length."

This is a good mascara; gives volume, doesn't clump and lasts all day. I also like that you have to twist one final click to make sure the mascara is done up, which is useful as it makes sure your mascara doesn't dry out.

Again, this product has a strong smell, like paint, which is the only downside.

Shadow Liner in Soft Taupe

"Bloom's Shadow Liner is both an Eye Liner and Eye Shadow. Use its' unique, flat lead for precision lining or to sweep colour over the entire lid. Its creamy texture is long-lasting and minimises creasing."

I really like this! When you take off the lid, it's not your average round liner, but rectangle making it easier to use.
It is very creamy and lasts a long time. The specific shade I have is a great alternative to black, creating a subtle daytime look.

Lip Definer in Lusciously Lined

"Get a precise pout with Bloom's smooth Lip Definer. Perfect for lining, filling in lips or preventing lipstick or gloss from feathering."

This is creamy and doesn't drag on your lips, as well as lasting a good amount of time. I think that's all I look for in a liner so it gets a thumbs up!

Mineral Plus Lipstick in Ragtime

"Our new Mineral Plus Lipstick in four debut shades creates luscious lips for the perfect pout! Each shade is bursting with the benefits of pure mineral pigments with no artificial colours creating a naturally vibrant colour for a subtle luminous finish."

Ahh my favourite product! There's so many things I like about this that I'm just going to bullet point them:
  • Conditioning/moisturising
  • Light on the lips so it doesn't feel like your wearing much product
  • Great pigmentation
  • Smells amazing! Like vanilla
  • Lasts for a good amount of time
  • The packaging - Silver and on the outer casing of the bullet it says 'Sealed with a kissed' with a little pair of lips - Too cute!
The specific colour I received (A cherry red with fuchsia undertones) can be used to it's full colour potential for a night time look or lightly used for an everyday natural rosy tint. When used lightly the colour reminds me of a lipstain ( The BodyShop's or Benefit's Posietint for example)
Without a mirror it's hard to get little colour because of it's great pigmentation so I've been applying a lipbalm before hand so I can use the lipstick with normal pressure, creating the perfect 'I've been eating raspberries' colour haha.

Here are some swatches: (Look so much better in real life. Like I said, my camera is playing up so you can not see how gorgeous and shimmery 'Soft Taupe' is.)

Shadow Liner in Soft Taupe, Lip Definer in Lusciously Lined, Mineral Plus Lipstick in Ragtime and Ragtime blended out.

Lip Definer in Lusciously Lined and Mineral Plus Lipstick in Ragtime.

Bloom Cosmetics can be bought in selected Superdrug stores and online at
You can also browse their products at

Thank you for reading!

These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes.


  1. Great reviews!
    I've always wondered about trying these products but as i've heard so little about them I've always gone against it :) the shadow liner sounds lovely though :) x

  2. Great reviews - I like the look of the gradual tanner as I'm quite pale so need somethinth that won't make me orange! The lipstick looks gorgeous, that shade really suits you :) x

  3. Ooh! that mascara looks like it works well, and that lip color is pretty :D

  4. Shall have to give the tan stuff a go!


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