Friday, 9 July 2010


The Body Shop. I walked in there today and was a good girl. Why you ask? Well some of their body butters were on sale from £12.50 down to £5 and I didn't buy one!
They didn't have any hair brushes which is what I went in for in the first place so off I went.
I'm so glad I didn't buy the body butters because I've just been on The Body Shop's website and they have been reduced even further to just £3!

The Body Shop can be expensive but you can get some real bargains when they have a sale. I also love that you get free delivery when you spend £15.

Here's what I have just purchased:

Raspberry Body Butter - SALE £5 and under
Raspberry Body Butter 200ml £3 in the sale

Almond Body Butter - SALE £5 and under
Almond Body Butter 200ml £3 in the sale - My sister has an Almond body butter and it smells like Cherry Bakewells!

Paddle Brush - SALE £5 and under
Paddle Brush £5 in the sale

Small Cushion Brush - SALE £5 and under
Small Cushion Brush £3 in the sale

Nail File Bright Floral - £5 and under Gifts
Nail File £1.50

The four Body Butters I like are Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Raspberry and Almond so I'm glad two of them are in the sale. I really really really wish they did a Vanilla one again as that's my favourite scent.

So go on! Go have a look at what they're offering :)



  1. I haven't seen the almond body butter before :O
    My bodyshop is so small! I'm going to go looking for it online now :)

  2. You got some really good bargains, I need to make some purchases at TBS, i've got a loyalty card and I never use it :/
    The nail file is cute too :)

  3. I am slightly addicted to their body butters and have about five on the go at once (currently Raspberry, Pomegranate, Satsuma, Black Apricot (Xmas ltd addition) and Passion Fruit, which is so yummy I want to eat it), and a whole shelf full of them. Cranberry (Xmas ltd addition) is my favourite, along with Moringa.


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