Thursday, 29 July 2010

July Favourites

1. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash - Review can be found here. Pink, smells of pink grapefruit and removes my eye make-up well.

2. Pantene Shampoo. I was using Tesco's shampoo for a while and when I changed to this I could certainly feel a difference. My hair feels much healthier and conditioner does not have to be used with this because it makes your hair soft on its own :)

3. Simple Exfoliating Body Wash. Has just enough scrubby bits :)

4. The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter. This moisturises well but the reason why it has made my July favourites is the smell - Raspberry jam! It can be smelt from every corner of the house when I use it haha.

5. Barry M Intense Eyeliner Pen in Royal Blue - Review can be found here. Great pigmentation, waterproof, smudgeproof and lasts all day!

6. Barry M Lip Paint in Pinkie Gold Sparkle 132 - Review can be found here. Simply a gorgeous colour. This product, along with the one above are both fairly new and I have only used in the last week but I love them so much they had to be included.

7. Bloom Mineral Plus Lipstick in Ragtime - Review can be found here. Moisturising, light on the lips, great pigmentation, smells like vanilla, lasts for a reasonable time and the packaging is super cute.

8. Bloom Shadow Liner in Soft Taupe - Review can be found here. I use this over my black eyeliner to blend it out. It also gives a shine and another dimension to the black, making my eyes look more awake.

9. The Body Shop hair brushes. These are great quality and love that they're made out of wood.

10. Aveeno Hand Cream. A non greasy hand cream is essential as we all need to get on with our daily tasks and this certainly absorbs quickly leaving your hands feel refreshed and soft :)

I have been accepted on to the AVEENO® Discoverer Programme, helping to spread the word about AVEENO® products. I get sent free AVEENO® samples and have the possibility of being rewarded with additional benefits.

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  1. The body butter sounds lovely :) I also really like the Neutrogena face wash. x


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