Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bloom Cosmetics

Here are some photo's of a few Bloom Cosmetics that I will be reviewing in the next few weeks, kindly sent to me by Superdrug.
I haven't heard much of this brand before and that's probably because it is an Australian brand. You can look on their website at the products and there are tons! and I am intrigued by what they have to offer as they look really good (The lipstain for one). Unfortunately it's an Australian website so I don't think we can purchase from there but Bloom Cosmetics are available in selected Superdrug stores. If they're in your Superdrug, you're very lucky!

For some reason the photo's I take are going blurry. This is really annoying as I cannot afford to get a new camera.
But here is what I was sent:

Gradual Tan Face, Full & Flirty Waterproof Fake Lash Mascara in Black, Shadow Liner in Soft Taupe, Lip Definer in Lusciously Lined and Mineral Plus Lipstick in Ragtime.

See what I mean?! I've tried all types of lighting, but I think my camera is dying :(
Anyway from top to bottom: Shadow Liner in Soft Taupe, Lip Definer in Lusciously Lined and Mineral Plus Lipstick in Ragtime.

When I first opened the lipstick I was like 'Woaah' as I don't wear red lipsticks but when applied with a light hand it looks absolutely gorgeous; natural berry stained lips.

Here is the website where you can check out what other products they have to offer: Admittedly though, they are quite expensive.

If you go to you can find out if a Superdrug near you stocks them :)
As well as buying in store, you can also purchase Bloom Cosmetics from

Oh and, how nice is the packaging?!



  1. Agreed the packaging is so cute and woop they stock it in my local Superdrug so will be checking this out :) xx

  2. I like Bloom cosmetics. these products look great :)

  3. I've always seen these in superdrug but I've never bought. Look forward to your reviews. x

  4. I've not tried any Bloom cosmetics before - looking forward to reading your reviews on them :) x


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