Friday, 2 July 2010

Ins and Outs

It's the beginning of the month so I thought I'd do the classic Ins and Outs post :)

  • MY STRETCH MARKS ARE GOING! You have no idea how happy I am! I had dark purple marks on my hips and bum and in the last few days they've gone - poof! I think it's pretty amazing as it's such a short time. I think it's partly to do with the mind; thinking they're going so they do. This week I've also been using Palmer's cocoa butter formula but for one, I don't think any product would get rid of stretch marks that quickly and two, I don't see how a moisturiser could fade away the purple marks.
  • I've just been contacted by Superdrug to review a few Bloom cosmetics. I haven't heard much of this brand before but I went on their site (Australian site though boo!) and the products look pretty good. I also read that Bloom cosmetics came to the UK for a while and then went again, but their now in a few selected Superdrug stores :)
  • Ordering from Whsmith haha, I love shopping and since I can remember I have loved stationary.. even more so than make-up actually as I love being creative and have a soft spot for it (Brings back the memories of buying packs and packs of coloured card and gel pens when I was 8 haha). I ordered a few chunky notebooks which are reaaalllyyy pretty, a pencil case (I always used to buy pretty pencil cases but for the last year I've had a standard clear one which is ok but not pretty to look at in class!) and a 50 pack of wallets for my folders. I didn't need them but had to spend a few extra pounds for free delivery.
  • My followers! Look at you all! & it makes me happy that I have my followers because they are interested in my blog. That's why I'm not sure whether to do a giveaway because I don't want people joining just for free stuff, I like the fact that I've got these followers on my own.
  • My body. My confidence has increased a lot and I think I've got a great body :)
  • Samples! I've ordered sooo many samples! I love getting post, even if it's something small. I did fib on a few things though; I said I was a company to get a load of free Areo hot chocolate samples and I said I was a new mum to get a polar bear teddy.. haha

  • Money, again haha
  • No work experience. I cancelled the place at my nans because I worked there in year ten so I have nothing to add to my personal statement. It also has nothing to do with what course I want to do at University. Good news: I have the week off next week, bad news: I have to find work experience some other time this year. This will be hard as it's not easy finding somewhere which will take work experience and I'm shy.

That's it I think! This is really the Ins and Outs of today as your mood changes day to day. By tomorrow I will probably hate my body and think I have no friends haha



  1. Love this post!

    Glad your confidence has increased thats great to hear :)

    well done on all the followers thats amazing and you should be really proud!! I agree about the giveaway bit Ive been thinking the exact same thing, I really want to do one but I would much rather know that my followers are interested in my blog not just cos im giving away free things :/

    And the bit about the samples had me laughing out loud.. Im the same ive orded loads this month to and um fibbed a bit haha glad to know im not the only one :P

  2. Woo, you have lots of ins today which I'm glad to see:) Haha, for the free teddy and aero hot chocolates. I love arty things, I might go on the WhSmith website now and see what I can find. I don't think my mum will be happy if she finds out I have ordered things from there though x

  3. Gosh how did you manage to get a review of a product! Lucky lucky! and samples -tell me more -how do you do this?! :) x

  4. your stretch marks are gone? Do you mean faded to white or just completely gone? If completely gone i'm soo jealous! I have them all over my bum and a little underneath, they're mostly just silvery/white now and I don't think they'll ever go. It's really depressing :( x

  5. The ones on my hips are white but the purple ones are going, it's really weird. One cheek still have purplely lines on though haha. When I'm hot they go because of the blood going around my body so hopefully as I get bigger they will go; like when you blow up a balloon, you can no longer see the marks?
    I know I hate them too :/ at least loads of women have them and they're on our bum so hopefully underwear covers them!


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