Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Today's purchases and a very happy Louise!

Tesco's: Bikini top £6, Collection 2000 Bronze Glow 01 Sunkissed £3 down from £3.99, Bodyform packs with free carry cases £1 each.

Firstly, how cute are the carry cases?!

The picture on the right of the Bronze Glow is to show you how big it is, I love large compacts like that. I have high hopes for the product as well :)

& now onto what is making me a very happy Louise, the bikini top!
I've been searching for a bikini top for around 2months, no exaggeration but I don't like triangle shape ones and didn't want to spend much so it was very hard to find one. I found a couple with the style I wanted (Asos and Debenhams) but didn't want to spend £18+. I was giving up and was going to get the £18 one from Debenhams but tonight I found one!
Although the pattern isn't as nice as the more expensive one, the £12 difference persuaded me.

It looks gorgeous on, the only thing I'm confused at is the size. This says it is a D cup when it doesn't look it. I've been wearing B cup bras but I think they're definitely too small now; hopefully I'm a C cup now! But I don't think I'm as big as a D.

Sorry for that rambling, I'm just happy!

Have a good night :)


  1. i love the bikini top, it's cute :) Tesco sizing confuses the hell out of me too! x

  2. Ive been looking at that collection 2000 bronzer recentley.. Can't wait to hear your verdict on it :) Those little tins are so cute too :')! glad you finally found a bikini :) xx

  3. Ohh well done on finding the bikini, im still searching for another one:) xx


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