Saturday, 31 July 2010

Freebies and samples of July!

On a couple of occasions in July I became slightly bored and got type happy by ordering samples upon samples. I even have the freebie sites send me an email when they have new ones in!

Here is about a third of what I requested, the rest still in the post.

Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner + Coupon. A generous 75ml each.

I may have told a fib by saying I was a mum hehe. ABC Nutrition advice and a polar bear teddy!

Cow&Gate cow teddy.. again saying I was a mum.

Walking kit!

Avon Frizz Control Lotus Shield Sample.

Pedigree Joint Care Treats and Coupons.

Bakers Healthy Delights Treats.

Clipper's Tea and Yorkshire Tea.

Invisible Plaster and Coupon.

Breathe Right Nasal Strip and Coupon.

You can find samples from er sample sites! I use Freebielist and Offeroasis :)


  1. I love getting samples in the post! The Pantene one looks fab - great to take on holiday :) x

  2. Wow you've got lots of goodies! Lucky girl! I love freebies, too =D

  3. WOW, you certainly get a lot of free samples! :) xx

  4. i love the pantene one! wow! i never even though to do this..


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