Sunday, 13 June 2010

Belly Bars

I got my belly button pierced when I was fourteen which means I've had it pierced for three and a half years :) some people may not agree with getting it pierced at this age but I don't think it's any different to getting your ears done. It's something for yourself.

I don't change my belly bar often but here is my collection:
Multiple designs including UV, glow in the dark and flexible plastic. Ebay, pack of 50 for around £6!

My favourites! Pearly and pretty. Again, from Ebay for a few pounds.

The only three which aren't from Ebay haha. First one is from a friend (a gem is missing :(), second one is the one I had my belly button pierced with. It's light pink and in the light it turns multi coloured :) and the last one is what my nan bought me for Christmas.

Ebay, couple of pounds.

Ebay, couple of pounds. In between the tear drop and 'pearl' was a butterfly but I didn't like it so I took it off.

Bad quality photo, sorry! Zipper belly bar and you guessed it, Ebay, a few pounds :D I'm currently wearing this one.

Some people might be a bit.. what's the word.. stuck up *cough* I mean worried that their from Ebay haha but their perfectly safe and clean and with any belly bars I get, I still sanitise them.

So there you go!
Toodles my little cupcakes


  1. You have loads! I've had mine for about four years now and only have 3 bars! haha. One made it go a bit strange, so I've basically just kept the same one in the whole time. This has made me want a new one though. I'm not sure whether I'd trust getting them from ebay though


  2. I've been wearing ones from Ebay (new ones mind you) for years and my belly is perfectly fine. I don't think I have that many lol

  3. really like the zipper one!
    I've been thinking about getting mine done but i don't want to be in pain :P

  4. aw haha mine didn't hurt, but I didn't dare look :L

  5. I've been wanting a zipper belly bar for some times before but I got the bottom of my belly hutton pierced so it would only look strange now LOL.


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