Friday, 11 June 2010

I'm ashamed...

to be writing this post but I have the urge, I really do!

In More you get a voucher which entitles you to a free Barry M Dazzle Dust (Can only be used in a Superdrug store). I bought two copies, for two vouchers. Now obviously I can not use these at the same time so I'm going to get my sister to use the other one and then give me the Dazzle Dust. I'm thinking Mushroom and Tan, gorgeous wearable colours but I'm also looking at getting a blue.

Glamour Glamour Glamour... I had to go to four shops! Tesco's - zilch, Co-op - nada, Newsagent's - nope. Then I went to the closest little shop near my home and where I thought wouldn't sell Glamour. Well they did. I picked up the last copy and it was the copy with the pencil I wanted in it!
I got It Stick as I'm not very interested in the other two. Knowing me though, I would of picked them up if I saw them.
The concealer is extremely creamy and for once I love my pale skin, because it's my skin tone!

I haven't bought a magazine in yonks and the last time I bought Glamour was exactly a year ago, which also had a Benefit freebie in.
One of the cover's had Fern Cotton on the front:

She looked absolutely gorgreous and I am in love with the dress.

I also bought a couple bags of Dorito's (because I know your interested :P), as a peace offering for a BBQ I'm going to tomorrow ha. I bought a bag for myself and I'm scoffing them as I write this. Yes I will eat the whole 225g bag tonight. And yes that is nearly 1200 calories hehe.
A sharing sized bag? More for myself more like!


  1. Yay you got it I said that the littler shops seemed to have glamour rather than where every one goes like wh smiths or tesco :-) Im glad you found one! :) I know what you mean everybody is talking about these! :-) I think its great how there is different front covers :) I don't care that the content inside is the same ha-ha :)


  2. I got 3 more's I did one superdrug, then went to the other superdrug and then at the lunchtime change over back to the first superdrug.

    In WHSmiths More was 80p instead of £1.60 so it may it all soooo tempting.


  3. The it stick is great, i got that aswell as the eye bright but will get the eyeliner, and want to get the more magazine offer. I LOVE magazine freebies, so excited to get Tan as i heard its a MAC dupe of ALl that glitters which i dont currently own!

  4. I got the It Stick and the Eye Bright and a dazzle dust! haha. I don't think we can resist a freebie :) I can't believe it's been a year since you've bought a magazine!


  5. heello :) i am a new follower :) i bought 2 copies of more magazine and got my friend to go in and get me one lol , and the 2 colours i have are mushroom and tan ! i also got the it stick and i have pale skin and think its so good!
    i really do love your blog ,
    love hannaah xxx


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