Friday, 4 June 2010

Collective shopping

I love reading haul posts; to find great bargains, to see what is currently in stores, to decide what to buy next and if there is anything that I've been 'umming and arring' about, they usually make my mind up on whether to buy it! Here is what I have purchased in the last two weeks:

BodyShop had 30% off for bank holiday weekend woooo!
I could have ordered soooo much (Their eyeshadows and make-up brushes are great. Their lipstain is also one of my favourite lip products) but unfortunately I'm a wee bit skint at the moment. I couldn't even spend £15 to get free delivery because I didn't have that much in my bank! Bad times.
First of all I went to their lipcare, saw their lipbalms and thought 'Omg, down to £1.40, I have to have them alllll!' *Add to basket, add to basket...* but I then remembered I didn't have enough money to buy dozens of lipbalms and lip butters :( The funny thing is, I rarely wear any lip products, including lipbalms but their still an addiction of mine and when I have the money, I shall be buying quite a few of them hehe

My order was dispatched Wednesday and came Thursday! So much for 'if you paid for standard delivery, your items should take 5 days to arrive'. Express delivery takes 2 days and mine came before that!

So here's what I bought:
Passion fruit facial cleansing gel £2.79 (normal price £3.99), Vitamin E facial cleansing bar £1.75 (normal price £2.50), Facial brush with lid £2.10 (normal price £3), Double ended blackhead remover £2.10 (normal price £3)

Next up is Newlook
I ordered Wednesday, expecting them to arrive Saturday like most of my orders have (3 days) but nope! and because of bank holiday Monday, I had to wait until Tuesday!

White pumps £6, White metallic lace dolly shoes £14 - I normally wouldn't pay this much for a pair of dolly shoes but their to wear for a special occasion.

Light wash mini shorts £7 - I really like these!, Briefs £4 - I normally buy shorts or thongs but I thought I'd go for a change.

Shorts £5. These are for my dad as part of his fathers day present. He doesn't like getting presents because he'd rather I spend the money on myself but I still do anyway. He doesn't like expensive brands (he likes a good bargain ;) and if I did buy him something expensive, he wouldn't be happy and would want me to return it haha. I bought him a pair of these a few weeks ago in a different design and he loves them so I thought I'd get him another pair.
As for the other part of his present, I'm not sure.. he's trying to get fit so that means no chocolate.. but I might buy him Chinese; he won't say no to that :P

Just a few essentials :)
Cotton wool pads 55p each, Nivea facial cleansing wipes £1.49 (half price), Dove deodorant stick £1.99

I have £7 something on my advantage card :D Man it took a while to get that much. A while ago my friend bought a £40 perfume and she put all the points on my card as she doesn't have one. That built my points up a fair bit! Plus they also have deals like: spend £5 on so and so and get 250 points.
I was going to buy a Barry M eyeliner, two Rimmel nail polishes and a few things from Natural Collection (I want to try Apple Blossom lipstick to see if nudes suit me) but one of my Boots are always low on stock with half the shelves are empty and my other Boots only has a few stands of make-up :(



  1. I love those dolly shoes, they are soo pretty! :) Xx

  2. Gorgeous dolly shoes! My local Boots never have apple blossom either! I picked up the half price facial wipes from Tesco! Got to love a bargain :)


  3. Great haul! I love those dolly shoes they are just gorgeous! I'm deffo going to have to pick them up :) xx

  4. The weird thing is.. this boots had loads of Apple Blossom, just nothing else haha and because they had nothing else in stock, I wasn't in the mood to buy it :( I wish I did now. I was going to go back and get it but it was super hot so I just left it.
    Thankyou for offering Hannah! :)

  5. ooh those shorts are adorable :) <33

  6. Cute shorts! Love the floral belt/scarf! :) xx


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