Monday, 14 June 2010

Today's purchases

The little red tin £1.27 from Superdrug
Superdrug have a new lipbalm out! (well this is the first I've seen of it) Their lip balms are like Vaseline but I much prefer these. There's 'The little blue tin' which is the original, 'The little green tin' which contains aloe vera and smells of apple, 'The little pink tin' which contains SPF 15 and now 'The little red tin' which is tinted and smells of strawberries.
I'm going to compare this to Vaseline's Rosy Lips which is the product Superdrug got their 'inspiration' from.

Next up are my free Barry M Dazzle Dusts, thanks to the vouchers in More magazine. It is only one per customer so I got my sister to pick me one up.
Mushroom 51 and Teal 94

In the pot, Mushroom looks like a grey with a few warm brown undertones. On the skin those brown undertones come through and it's beautiful. It also has a few plummy undertones and I don't have anything like this in my collection.
Teal is... well teal haha more of a bright blue though.
I was going to get 'Tan' number 39 but I have colour's similar to it, although I know it's a big hit in the blogging community as it's meant to be a dupe for Mac's eye shadow 'All that glitters'.
First of all I was thinking 'I shall get wearable daytime colours' but afterwards I remembered that I rarely wear eye shadow all over the lid but on my lower lash line instead.
So some of you may think that Teal is a colour I'll hardly use but I will use it more than neutral colours as I love to wear a pop of colour for eye liner.
There were so many to choose from! Might have to go back...



  1. That lip balm looks really nice Ive never seen that before :) Ill have to pick it up :) lovely eyeshadow colours too :) x


  2. I love your blog, its nice to read about affordable products, i will never own mac its way too pricey x

  3. mushroom looks beautiful!,X

  4. I have the "Little Green Tin" - I love how it smells. Those Dazzle Dusts look fab! x

  5. I saw that lipbalm last time I was in Superdrug. I was wondering how it compared to Vaseline's Rosy Lips. I know thats great for adding a bit of colour, so please do a post to compare! :) I wanted to know if it would actually colour my lips at all! :) xx

  6. I also chose mushroom with my voucher! and your picture has made me so glad I picked it, the undertones look beautiful! I'll definately be checking out the little red tin!x


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