Monday, 7 June 2010


So first of all, I am very proud of myself as I have just done 2 hours of Psychology revision! This might not sound like much, but I haven't been doing much revision as I haven't had the motivation. I have an exam tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday so I really have to revise.. I know I know, leaving most of it till last minute is bad. What I've been doing today is: 1 hour of revision, 1 hour free, 1 hour of revision, 1 hour free etc which doesn't make it seem too bad. As you can tell, I'm on an hour free now!
After this is 2 hours of Media and 2 hours of Biology.. Boo!

I'm glad it's raining, for once! With all the nice weather we have been having, I didn't want to revise, just relax in the sun but with it raining, I am actually doing work lol

Do you ever get it when you want to review a product straight away but can't because you've only been using it a few days? I've been using BodyShop's Facial Cleansing Bar for a few days and love it so much I want to write a review now but I can't because it wouldn't be a fair trial. I've wrote down all the points about the product and am ready to write the review but I'm going to leave it another week, just in case a bad point about it becomes apparent.

I haven't wrote a post since Friday because Saturday I was at a wedding all day, yesterday I ATTEMPTED revision.. it never happened ha and most of the posts on my to do list are reviews and I need to have a good few weeks using the products before I give my opinion on them.

Oh, look at this!:
It's a freaking HUGE cucumber! It looks so much bigger in real life.. I was amazed so I took a picture 8)

That's about it really, buh-bye my lovelies!

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