Sunday, 13 June 2010

Double it!

I, like many, can pin point every feature on my body which I despise and I can do so within seconds. As for pointing out the good? That takes a little longer... a lot longer actually.
I'm going to bullet point everything I hate about myself, physically and personality wise, and have to double that number for the things I like about myself.
Anyone can do this if they wish. I think it's a good exercise to do as we shouldn't always put ourselves down!

  • Although being slim, I've recently filled out and have accumulated a few stretch marks on my hips/bum. Although most underwear covers these, I'm still very conscious, so it looks like I will be wearing short shorts for the beach!
  • I'm pale. I'm not even on about just pale - my legs are a pasty white! and every fake tan I've tried either makes me orange, or doesn't do anything. I might try St.Moriz...
  • Fat cheeks. This one is the biggest thing I hate about myself. 'You must have hollow legs to be that slim and eat as much as you do!' 'No, actually, all the weight goes to my cheeks' haha. This baby fat better go within a few years.
  • I over analyse everything. I'm shy when meeting people because all that runs through my head is 'I know they're thinking horrible things about me'
  • I'm sensitive. One little comment will stick with me and I will take it personally.
So how many is that... 5! I don't even know if it's possible to think of 10 good things :(

The good:
  • er... I'm slim? Yeah, that's one! 9 more...
  • My freckles - awr the little cuties!
  • I have a straight (button) nose
  • I'm in proportion. No, this is not the same as being slim, it's a different point :P
  • I'm a good listener
  • I'm creative
I really can not think of anymore...
  • Oh I like the shape of my eyebrows haha
  • I'm smart(ish)
  • I like to buy people presents
  • I'm trustworthy
I can not believe I done it! It took me a long time, but it does make me feel slightly better :)

Have a go yourselves... or not, I don't mind :)


  1. great post! I can totally relate to you and being pale im the same st moriz works a treat though :) & great post I really enjoyed reading this! And so right I could go on all day about things I hate but can never find as many things I love or like!


  2. Haha I am so with you on the filling out and getting stretch marks. I don't want to get my body out on the beach now cause I look like a silvery striped tiger </3 at least you have a nice straight nose! Wish I did :P You sound like me with the overanalysing and sensitivity too! Because I know where my flaws are, I assume they're really obvious to other people too... xx

  3. St. Moriz works so well for me! I'm quite pale and it gives me a sunkissed colour. I've also found that having a tan is good for coving up stretch marks :) xx


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