Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ins and Outs

Yes this is a lazy post, but I have to revise in a minute! Plus, I like reading the Ins and Outs of other peoples lives. Nosy?.. yes but we all love to be!

  • Got a new silver frame bed! Well it's not actually new, it's from the attic haha but it's new to me. My last bed broke :( so me and my dad put this one up yesterday.
  • Changed my room around - as I was changing my bed I thought I would change a few things too. My make-up storage area has changed and looks much better.
  • Clutter free desk to actually work at! Before it had all my folders and school stuff on but their now under the desk.
  • Fast deliveries. My BodyShop items were dispatched yesterday and arrived today! So much for 'If you've payed for standard delivery, your items should arrive to you in 5 days'. Express delivery (The more expensive one) takes two days and mine arrived in one. Whatever delivery option you choose, your order will still arrive the same time, they just want to make more money!
Tomorrow I have a collective shopping post for you guys which will include The Bodyshop items.

  • Revision <- Don't need to explain that one!
  • 'Friends' - I've got used to not being invited to things and I'm giving up on them. I've got a couple of true friends who don't forget about me just to be popular and be in with another group so their all I need. I really don't care how many friends I've got, I've been happy these past few weeks and I've seen nobody - haha I sound like such an unsocial loser.


  1. I completely agree with the friends one, so true! :) xx

  2. You should show us your new makeup storage :) And like with Hannah, I totally agree with the friends thing! xx

  3. haha ok I will show you guys soon. I haven't got much and it's crap storage, literally 4 baskets on a shelf O_o xD
    I'm going in town tomorrow so I'll try and find some storage :D

  4. I love changing my room around :) & I agree with the thing you said about friends, I have a few close friends and thats all I need! XO


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