Tuesday, 8 June 2010

This time last year..

A couple of people have posted about leaving school last year as there are some bloggers who are coming to the end of year 11!
A wholeee year ago I left.. it's gone so quick.

We had a leavers day where we dressed up:
Grace and I went as smurfs and I have never got so much attention in my life!
We then had our leavers assembly. One part of it was a video of our year from year 7 through to year 11, but the guys who made it in our year hardly included anyone but themselves, the sods.
We all cried our hearts out at the end, which was funny because we were all going to see each other in a few days for an exam and then we had prom.
I was actually crying because Grace was moving up north and it was her last day :( but then after a few months she came back! :D

Onto prom, here is my dress:

I got this hand made by a very talented lady in Callington and it cost me £60! How cheap is that! Two of my friends also got their dresses made by her and even the most expensive one cost under £80 ha

I've cropped my head out of the second one because I didn't like the way I looked on prom :( I got a HUGE spot right in the middle of my head a few days before.. typical. I also didn't like my hair. I had to put my fringe across my head a fair bit to cover the spot :(
The 'popular' girls looked amazing.. I wish I had some gorgeous prom pictures but quite frankly I looked terrible. This definitely ruined my day.

Apart from that, the day was good :)
To all the year 11's with their prom's coming up, have fun!


  1. That dress is beautiful - cant believe how cheap it was! From what I can see in your first picture your hair looks gorge! :) xoxo

  2. ah yeah that was me "leaving" last year as well - but I don't know why we made such a big deal about it, pretty much everyone stayed on for 6th form. We didn't get a prom though :(

  3. Awhhh i wasn't sad when i left year 11, its the 2 years of 6th form which have gone and scared me!...

    Ahhh new start thoughhh.

    Also its a major cliché but year 13 is really really hard but don't forget to enjoy it, i stressed way to much to fully enjoy my last year :(


  4. Your dress is lovely! And so is the price;) Don't have that ruin your day, you look really pretty. I hope you enjoyed yourself x

  5. Awww you look gorgeous I love the dress! I agree how quick it has gone I can't believe that I left over a year ago! x


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